Eco-friendly design

Citroën is introducing a new approach to eco-friendly design by exploring the viability of a production model based on its popular C-Cactus concept car.

First shown at the 2007 Frankfurt motor show, the C-Cactus features a stripped out interior, which significantly reduces the number of components that do not directly contribute to safety or comfort. The result is a low emissions, low cost design with a reduction in weight, cost and impact on the environment.

Much of the design, which includes fixed windows and the absence of a dashboard, will be constructed from recycled materials. The door panels are assembled in just two parts, compared to 12 in similarly sized conventional cars.

The project will consider a range of powerplants including a sub-1.0 litre petrol engine that emits less than 100g/km CO2 , and a HYmotion2 diesel-electric hybrid returning nearly 100mpg fuel economy and CO2 emissions of just 78g.

An all-electric model, similar to the version on display at the Paris motor show, will also be under consideration. Its initial design offers zero emissions with a top speed and range of 70mph (112kph) and 100mph (160kph) respectively.