Eco-Friendly Pack for Long Products

Given that many companies are trying to drive cost out of their business and reduce their environmental impact at the same time, a product like Tri-Wall’s ‘Notchfold’ provides an excellent example of what can be achieved through packaging.

Notchfold is for long products, sometimes very long, up to 8 metres. It either comes flat-packed to the required length or is supplied full length for customers who want to cut and adapt the pack for different length items. It can then be fitted with corrugated end caps and lid to create a secure surround. Built into the board are the ‘notchfolds’, unique V-shaped cuts which allow the triple-wall board to form perfect 90 degree angles.

So what’s special about this?

First, customers can have an unlimited supply of packaging in stock for their longer products, ideal for engineering companies. Other typical applications include aluminium or PVC extrusions, pipes, stair rail systems, masts and fabric rolls. The board can be easily assembled by one or two people, creating a pack without any deformation or sponginess and the strength to withstand the rigours of export.

Second, there’s no timber in sight. The triple-wall board from which the Notchfold pack is made effectively replaces timber which takes away the need for pre-treatment before export as well as enabling the pack to be 100% recycled wherever it ends up. There’s also a financial advantage as fibreboard is much lighter than timber which means transport costs are reduced. The pack is also printable for reasons of identification or branding.

Voith Paper at Blackburn makes forming fabrics for UK paper mills. Steven Yates, Shift Leader at Voith, says they have been using the Notchfold pack very successfully for some time: “Our operators find it really easy to use. The box is cut to the right length and then we just fold the lid in place. It’s lightweight compared to timber and more cost-effective. It comes flat-packed so we can keep plenty in stock.”

Phil Rees, Tri-Wall’s Speciality Manager, comments: “Our job is to make customer’s lives easier and help them become more efficient. The Notchfold product is a modern packaging concept which hits all the buttons – cost down, protection up and better environmental performance.”

For more information call Customer Services at Monmouth on 01600 772 222 or for European enquiries Customer Services in Rijswijk +31(0)703 993 110.

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