Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC becomes effective on 29th December this year and section covers movable guards which must be associated with an interlocking device that prevents the start of hazardous machinery functions until they are closed by giving a command whenever they are no longer closed. Fortunately for engineers seeking to ensure compliance ¬Elesa’s CFS hinge could well be exactly what they need.
Elesa are well known for their high quality standard machine elements and their CFS hinge lives up to that reputation; its specification covers use in hazardous area to Cat 1 and works so as to switch off equipment when a door or panel is opened. This is a great aid in industrial environments where it helps to ensure operator safety. Alternatively the CFS may be used to remotely indicate status, e.g. for access monitoring. Construction is an integral glass reinforced technopolymer unit ensuring a tamper-proof installation and easy assembly.

Two variants are available – the CFS-SH with countersunk screw fixings for optimum strength and security – and the CVS-CH with slotted fixing for easy adjustment. Each one is offered with either top mount cable connection or rear mounting connector and appropriate leads to suit either the machine control or status indication role.

The CFS switching hinge, normally paired with the standard CFM hinge, provides 1800 opening with switching operation over the range 40 to 150• It meets EN60204-1, EN6097 -5-1, EN60529 and GS-ET15 with the switch and contacts sealed to IP65 – for indoor use.

Further information on Elesa (UK) Ltd products may be found at www.elesa.co.uk

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