Endress+Hauser Micropilot M FMR245 Reliable level monitoring and extreme process safety

For accurate and reliable level monitoring in solids and liquids applications, Endress+Hauser’s Micropilot M FMR245 radar is the ideal solution. Perfect for continuous non-contact level measurement, it delivers the highest measurement integrity even in the most demanding applications with dust, build-up formation and aggressive or corrosive environments. And now with its improved design, signal performance is enhanced so its application scope extends even further.

Extreme safety in your process
The key to the new Micropilot’s success is its innovative antenna design. In addition to the process seal, the device offers the option of a glass gastight feedthrough between the antenna and the electronics, which ensures that no toxic or aggressive media penetrates the electronics compartment, guaranteeing optimum safety in the most extreme conditions. This innovation makes it the first 26Hz level radar with this feature, offering the ideal solution for hazardous applications. Moreover, the improved antenna design enables applications up to 200°C.

Increased process reliability
What’s more, its one-piece solid PTFE antenna completely adapted to the signal, which allows no hollow spaces or joints, thus preventing condensation within the antenna, significantly improves process reliability and increases its service life under extremely corrosive conditions.

Offering a SIL2 rating for added process safety, the 2-wire technology allows easy implementation into existing systems and makes Micropilot M FMR245 a cost-effective alternative solution to differential pressure and displacers. Moreover, it is HART and PROFIBUS PA compatible and with a menu-driven alphanumeric display, it offers easy on-site operation.        

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