ESB Novusmodus to invest up to £4.5m in Bioflame

ESB Novusmodus, the cleantech and renewable energy fund, is to invest up to £4.5m in North Yorkshire-based Bioflame, the developer of small-scale (2.5MW) electric-generation plants.

Bioflame has developed its own patented partial-gasification technology − an advanced thermal treatment process that converts a range of biomass waste fuel stocks into a gas by using the heat of partial combustion to liberate hydrocarbons.

The gas is then immediately burnt in a secondary zone, with complete oxidation of the gas then taking place in a tertiary zone − a process that the company claims results in very low emissions.

Bioflame’s generators based on the technology are small enough to be sited next to existing fuel sources such as recycling facilities, removing the requirement for transportation and handling logistics.

The company is rolling out its technology in partnership with commercial material recycling facilities and has already secured full planning consent at 17 such partnerships. Two of the sites have already been built and two more are in the late stages of construction. ESB Novusmodus’ investment will be used to complete the commercialisation of the company’s technology, attract project funding and accelerate the rollout of projects.

Legislative momentum is also helping the company, with the government predicting that biomass could contribute up to 15 per cent of its renewable generation targets.