EW contract for QinetiQ

QinetiQ has secured the first phase of a contract to supply, in early 2006, an Electronic Warfare (EW) system to the Australian Department of Defence.

The system will be based on QinetiQ’s range of EW sensor technology and hardware including SHARK (wideband comms EW sensor) and ANALYST (EW command and control software).

With increasingly dense signals environments being caused by the proliferation of communications and radar technologies, EW sensors of even modest bandwidth, often suffer from data overload.

The QinetiQ system, incorporating its SHARK and ANALYST technologies, is designed to analyse emitters and networks in an automated manner. The signals of interest can then be identified so that key intelligence can be presented to users in an accurate, concise and timely fashion.

“Electronic warfare has a pivotal role to play in modern theatres of conflict – almost all are now fought in close proximity to civilian populations – so being able to differentiate innocent communications from those of an aggressor is crucial,” said Steven Brittan, MD of QinetiQ’s Spectrum Solutions business.