Exploit expertise

The Royal Academy of Engineering has called on the government to do more to promote the UK’s research base in the business community.

In a meeting addressing the UK’s engineering experts, the Academy’s chief executive, Phillip Greenish, highlighted the importance of a clear regulatory framework for the successful transfer of research into commercial products.

Greenish said: ‘The government needs to improve its understanding of what business and industry need to create innovation using our strong research base.

‘Too often, government fails to understand that engineering reality or “do-ability” is a key strategic element of policy delivery.

‘This is not about wanting to be heard and understood for its own sake; this is about how you incentivise business to pull through technologies into productive use.’

The Royal Academy’s concerns follow a recent Select Committee report on engineering that found the government to be lacking in engineering expertise.

The report advised the government to take a more strategic approach by seeking expertise before developing engineering policy.