Extensible Compression Latches

EMKA’s recently introduced 1000 Program of IP65 compression latches has now become even more useful with the addition of lockable T handle, Wingknob, Square key and L handle variants, all with shaft extensions to suit even deeper door frames up to 95mm. This is especially useful in accoustic cabinets, genset installations, refrigeration, HVAC and on-board vehicle situations. Not only does this extensible shaft provide additional depth capability, but it also permits manual clamping set up by means of threaded adjustment at the inner end. This enables the compression action to be fine tuned by means of a shaft mounted lock nut.

The 1000 program compression latches (IP65) provide a 6mm axial clamp function. After closing, when the lock is turned for its first 90° the tab is rotated 90° then stops, as the lock is turned a further 90° this is translated into linear motion which brings the tab 6mm toward the door, thus clamping securely onto the door frame. This ensures a very high degree of vibration resistance, as well as added clamping force on the gasket and a “soft” closure action on the door frame. Unlocking is a simple reverse process.

The new variants, complete with with extension shaft, enable these benefits to be achieved with door and frame combinations up to 95mm deep. The square key insert version is also available in standard length for normal depth cabinet door configurations. Further information on EMKA products and services may be found at: www.emka.co.uk, where it is also possible to download any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.

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