Extra production for Prowler

BAE Systems has been awarded a $10 million contract modification for the production of eight additional Low Band Transmitters (LBT) for the U.S. Navy’s EA-6B Prowler aircraft. The Navy uses the EA-6B in electronic attack roles.

The modified contract increases from six to fourteen the total number of transmitters and antenna groups to be delivered under the production contract. The low band transmitters will be manufactured at BAE Systems’ Lansdale, Pennsylvania, facility.

The Low Band Transmitter – Antenna Group (LBT-A/G) is a radar and communications jammer used to provide protection for strike aircraft,

ships and ground troops by disrupting enemy radar and communications signals. It is one of the transmitter/antenna groups used on the Navy’s tactical jamming system.

The initial LBT Producibility Program was awarded to BAE Systems in October 2004 for $4 million. The $10 million modification supplements a March 2005 follow-on contract of $17.1 million, bringing the total contract value to $31.1 million.