Fife Engineering Company’s Major Investment – FiFab’s New Machine Punches above its Weight

Subcon exhibitor Fife Fabrications Ltd (stand C23), has commissioned a new £700,000 machine which the company believes will enable it to compete with the burgeoning producers in the low cost areas of the world.

The state of the art TruPunch 5000 sheet metal punching centre, the first to be installed in the UK, was switched on by Councillor Tony Martin, Chair of Environment and Transport at Fife Council and Dr Peter T Hughes, Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering.

The investment is the latest step in the company’s £2.5 million pound redevelopment plan which has seen the company grow into one of the top technological market leaders in the Europe.

The six figure expenditure has enabled Fife Fabrications to install the world’s most productive and energy efficient punching machine in its Glenrothes factory.

Archie Smith, Fife Fabrications’ managing director, told us “Britain’s manufacturing industry has been very hard hit by low cost manufacturing competitors in the Europe/Far East who are able to use their incredibly cheap labour costs to undercut UK manufacturers. There is only one way to handle this and that is through radically improving our skills, productivity and manufacturing flexibility. I am incredibly proud of the Fife Fabrications team who share my vision of how we must continually improve. We believe that the provision of the highest quality and service across our operation will drive our success. Our continuous improvement systems, key performance indicators, dedication to Lean Manufacturing and Total Quality Management focuses every employee’s attention on the need to maintain the highest possible standards of excellence.”

“This has to be combined with radically improving the productivity of our manufacturing equipment. Our new punching centre is a perfect example. It is the most productive machine of its type available, 15% greater than previously available. Not only does it manufacture products more quickly and to higher quality levels, it also removes extra work steps by including further processes in the machine.

“The speeds are amazing, the axis which moves the tooling over the sheet metal pulls 2g – like a formula 1 car cornering and moves at 100 meters a minute! The machine will reduce the time it takes to manufacture each product and will use less energy. It will make Fife Fabrications more flexible, more competitive and help us meet our energy reduction targets. This will secure jobs in Fife Fabrications into the future.”

Dr Peter T Hughes, Chief Executive of Scottish Engineering said “Fife Fabrications Limited is proving to be an excellent standard bearer for the Scottish Engineering Manufacturing Sector.  The company has shown steady growth over the years and has consistently invested in staff training and the procurement of world-class equipment, a combination which has allowed them to tackle the ever-changing and competitive world in which they operate.”

Scottish Engineering congratulates everyone involved with this latest acquisition.”

Councillor Tony Martin, Chair of the Environment and Transport Committee  at Fife Council switched on the new punching centre. He told us “Fife Fabrication’s investment is a tremendous boost to manufacturing in Fife and Scotland. It puts FiFab at the forefront of sheet metal technology. This investment reflects the company’s forward thinking attitude to developing the business and shows confidence in both FiFab and Fife. At Fife Council we have enjoyed a very good relationship with FiFab and wish them continued success.”

Subcon 2008