Filtering Through Quality

The use of expanded metal mesh is recognised in many industries but the material’s popularity for filtration components is on the increase. Versatile and adaptable, expanded meshes can be pressed, formed, shaped and welded into components for straining, retention and filtration. To cope with the increasing demand in this area, EMC has recently increased its capacity and invested in a new patented mini-mesh machine for finer filtration, further increasing the product range.

“The value of using expanded metal mesh for filtration is both time and cost saving,” comments Deanne Malton of EMC. “Because of its unique formulation, which gives it incredible and unprecedented flexibility and strength significant cost savings can be achieved over comparative perforated or woven materials. It has the ability to be formed into tubes and conical shapes from a range of metals, to meet an extensive range of filtration and retention specifications.”

With the filtration industry recognising the performance capabilities and economic value of expanded mesh, EMC has further extended its manufacturing capacity to include a new range of reinforcement support meshes for pleating, providing optimum strength and flexibility to a multitude of applications. In addition to an extensive range of mini meshes, the company also manufactures a range of aluminium foils.

“We provide bespoke solutions with our filtration components for many industries including water, gas and automotive,” continues Deanne Malton . “Our investment into new dedicated machinery and a focus on new product development enables us to offer finer meshes available as coil form, sheet or cut to size pieces, giving our customers an even wider choice of products. We are happy to provide product samples for our customers and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with companies to develop new prototype filtration components.”

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