Finnish firm to launch smart glasses technology

“Google glass-style” display technology developed by Finnish firm Dispelix Oy will be available to consumers within a year the company has claimed.

Spun-out of investigations carried out at Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre, the display is based on lightguide optics, which enables the manufacture of displays on either glass or plastic in the form of light and thin elements with a thickness of just one millimetre. According to the firm the technology can be applied to ordinary glasses.

Spun out of research carried our at Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre, the display can be applied to ordinary glasses
The display can be applied to ordinary glasses

“Compared to existing solutions, which are bulky or difficult to manufacture, the Dispelix solution has advantages such as the display’s thinness, lightness, aesthetic appearance and volume production compatibility,” claimed the firm’s managing director Antti Sunnari.

As well as it’s thinness, Sunnari said that the display generates an extremely high quality image, which is formed within the user’s field of vision, and can be freely shaped for a range of applications.

He added that the display can be customised to meet different customer needs and that either simple, monochrome information or a multi-coloured video image can be displayed.

Sunnari predicts that the technology could enable smart glasses to replace smartphones or tablets. “As electronics and optics evolve, displays will even be seamlessly integrated into ordinary glasses,” he said.