Five-Steps to valve indication

IndiTop is a new, simple to set up and use electrical feedback unit developed specifically for use with Alfa Laval sanitary valves in the food, dairy, brewery and biopharm industries.

Designed with simplicity in mind, IndiTop can be set up from scratch with just five key strokes, or remotely from a PLC,  once it has been mounted onto the valve stem and actuator. Once in place it immediately starts feeding back data about the valve’s position. The unit employs a “no touch” sensor system which requires no mechanical adjustments. A magnet mounted on the valve stem and the axial magnetic field is detected by chips located inside the sensor unit. By measuring the angle of each chip relative to the stem, the IndiTop is able to calculate the valve’s position to an accuracy of ±1mm. LEDs indicate the current valve position at any given time.

IndiTop is intended for basic applications where indication rather than control is all that is required. It can be used with all major programmable logic controllers (PLCs) digital input cards and will retain the setup infromation even during power cuts. Given its intended use in sanitary applciations, it is constructed of Nylon PA 6 and POM, rubber and stainless steel.

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