Foam Does not Sustain MRSA

Zotefoams has developed a new, cross-linked polyolefin foam material with excellent anti-microbial properties. Thanks to its high purity, Plastazote foam is already used extensively in the medical industry in a wide range of applications from prosthetics and orthotics to body supports for MRI and CT scanning. With Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) including MRSA occurring on a regular basis, this new antimicrobial foam will help provide enhanced protection to both patients and staff.

“Bacteria grow on almost any surface imaginable and many healthcare applications would benefit from having a foam that has biocidal properties,” said Phil Maddox, Zotefoams Director of Sales and Marketing.“

The new Plastazote grade is infused with Biomaster, a proven additive that inhibits the growth of potentially harmful bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, and MRSA along with moulds and fungi that cause degradation, discolouring and unpleasant odours. Different to a surface treatment, the additive will remain present and active for the complete life of the foam and will not wash out or wear away.

Under independent laboratory test conditions, when in contact with E Coli and MRSA for 24 hours at 35°C under a RH of > 95% the new material saw a reduction in viable organisms in excess of 99%, suggesting that this foam would remain cleaner fresher and safer during intervals between sanitisation.

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