France plays host to hybrid vehicle study

Toyota, EDF, and the City and the Urban Community of Strasbourg have launched a large-scale Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle demonstration today in Strasbourg, France.

The project involves approximately 100 Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHVs) as well as a dedicated charging infrastructure for use by public and private partners in Strasbourg and its region. It has received support from the Research Fund, which is managed by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

The project is part of a global Toyota project involving 600 PHVs that will also be deployed in Japan, the US, Canada and Australia.

Toyota’s main objective is to study the technology and performance of PHVs, while EDF is evaluating different operational options for the charging infrastructure. This will involve receiving feedback from consumers so that the company can prepare for broader commercialisation.

For this demonstration, EDF, with the support from Electricité de Strasbourg (ES), will ensure the set-up of more than 150 charging points developed by Schneider Electric at users’ homes, company car parks, public car parks and on public roads.

Some vehicles use a charging system developed by EDF that is able to control the communication between the plug and the vehicle, while ensuring safe charging. The objective is to facilitate the identification of the vehicle and invoicing of the consumed energy.