Frazer-Nash grants NHS wish-list

The NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) has awarded a series of development grants to Frazer-Nash to develop healthcare concept products.

The company will develop a three-wheeled ambulance chair that can negotiate stairs, a modular paediatric transport system that allows for child growth and an inflatable support for a fractured neck or femur (hip) splint.

The grants were secured following a competitive tendering process in which the NIC asked engineers to provide ideas for products that could help to transform the lives of NHS patients. NIC consulted with clinicians in ambulance services and paediatric wards, who helped to create a ’wish-list’ of health-product needs.

Following the design of preliminary concepts, Frazer-Nash has been asked by the NIC to develop prototype designs.

The next phase of the programme will require successful companies to refine their prototypes and develop a full business plan.