Frazer-Nash named strategic supplier

Systems and engineering technology specialist Frazer-Nash Consultancy has been selected by Airbus UK as its strategic supplier for Non-Specific Design Work (NSDW).

According to Frazer-Nash, Non-Specific Design Work describes advanced enabling technology that is applied to all of Airbus’ product range and is fundamental to product development and improvements. It includes areas such as aerodynamic analysis, research into materials and production methods, aircraft life-cycle modelling, and simulation methods.

Frazer-Nash is leading a team that also includes ARA, LSC Group, and Acire.

Frazer-Nash’s Business Manager, Simon Rees, commented, ‘It is significant that the depth of our expertise is recognised across so many engineering domains within Airbus UK.

‘NSDW strategic supplier status will lead to an even closer relationship with Airbus, not only at UK sites, but also across Europe. A key requirement on us will be recruiting more of the highly qualified personnel that this kind of work requires.’