Free guide to intellectual property

UK Patent Attorney firm Boult Wade Tennant has revised and reprinted its 24-page guide entitled “Protecting Innovation: A Guide to Intellectual Property”. The booklet aims to provide a basic working knowledge of patents, designs, trade marks and other intellectual property, covering protection, registration procedures, commercialisation and enforcement.

Initial chapters of the guide explain the different types of intellectual property available in the UK and Europe and the steps necessary to establish the ownership of rights. The booklet goes on to cover the effective management of intellectual property rights including internal procedures, which can be used to identify intellectual property as it is created, how best to use them and how to monitor the rights of others to obtain valuable technical and marketing information. Later chapters outline ways in which intellectual property rights are enforced, both from the viewpoint of the enforcer and the party against which a right is being used.

The guide is available free on request from Hazel Harding at or on 020 7430 7500 or via the firm’s website by clicking here.

For organisations interested in additional information on name and brand protection, there is a second booklet entitled “Trade Marks and Domain Names: a Guide to Name and Brand Protection”. This guide is also available free on request.