Free photonics advice

Engineering academics at Aston University in Birmingham have secured £1.1m of research funding to provide free photonics advice to businesses in the West Midlands.

The scheme, jointly funded by Aston University and the European Regional Development Fund, offers opportunities for businesses to access free consultancy services from the university’s photonics research team.

Photonics has applications in high-speed communication systems, laser manufacturing, biological and chemical sensor technologies, medical diagnostics and therapy, display technology and optical computing.

‘Universities work hard to make themselves accessible and useful to business, and this scheme will provide practical information and innovative ideas for companies to enhance or even replace their existing technologies,’ said Prof Sergei Turitsyn from Aston’s photonics research team.

Industry areas identified by Aston’s research team as benefiting from photonics advice and business assistance include the aerospace industry, companies using automotive, building or environmental technologies, food and drink companies, ICT, medical technologies, rail and the tourist and leisure industry.