Game on for recycled chairs

Aiming to put a dent in the millions of tons of plastic waste dumped every year, a small UK company has developed a stackable chair made from video game consoles.

The so-called Reee chair (pictured below) incorporates the plastic from nine video game consoles and is the first chair of its kind in the UK to use 100 per cent recycled plastic from a single source.

The chair is the brainchild of Christopher Pett, founder of sustainable product development company Pli Design in London. He came up with the idea at the Eden project in Cornwall while discussing the possibility of reusing plastic from waste electronics products with representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Pett contacted specialist sustainable design consultancy Sprout Design to develop the chair, which is now being manufactured from 100 per cent recycled plastic from Sony PlayStation 2 games console casings.

Pli Design expects to ship 3,000 chairs, representing 7.5 tons of recycled plastic, in the next year. Every chair it sells prevents 2.4kg of plastic from entering the landfill.

A prototype of the chair is on permanent display at the Eden Project.