Getting greener

Royal Phillips Electronics says it is aiming to derive 30 per cent of total revenues from green products by 2012.

In 2006 15 per cent of Phillips’ revenue came from so-called green products and this new drive is part of Philips’ latest EcoVision program, focusing on reducing energy consumption of its products and facilities.

‘We believe that big changes start small and that every one of us should contribute to saving our planet,’ said Phillips president and CEO, Gerard Kleisterlee. ‘What’s more, we are convinced that those companies that combine the principles of economic growth and environmental stewardship will be the winners of the future.’

This is Phillips fourth EcoVision program and it aims to increase energy efficiency of its operations by 25 per cent and double investment in green innovations to €1bn in the next five years.

As part of the program all the company’s offices will be fitted with energy efficient lighting and further reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions will be made in production and distribution.