GKN to make Boeing winglets

GKN Aerospace is to develop and build blended winglets for Boeing 767-300ER and 737-300/500 aircraft, in multi-year agreements with Aviation Partners Boeing.

GKN Aerospace is responsible for the design, development and manufacture of the 3.35m tall 767-300 ER blended winglet, with first deliveries commencing in 2008. The agreement covers the supply of up to 300 767-300ER and 200 737-300/500 blended winglet ship sets. First deliveries of ‘build to print’ 737-300/500 blended winglets will take place in the first quarter of 2008.

According to GKN Aerospace, blended winglets offer environmental and performance benefits to airline operators, delivering fuel savings of six per cent together with payload and range performance improvements. The company estimates that by 2010, blended winglets could be expected to have saved the world’s airlines over 6 billion litres of fuel.

GKN Aerospace will manufacture the 767-300ER winglet in composite materials using automated manufacturing and assembly processes to provide higher levels of product quality and consistency than is possible using traditional methods. The company will also support Aviation Partners Boeing during the eight-month flight certification process for this winglet, which will commence in January next year.