GM unveils fuel cell Chevrolet

General Motors has announced a driveable version of its hydrogen fuel cell powered Chevrolet Sequel, which the company is using as a showcase for its motoring innovations.

Sequel was introduced in 2005 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It integrates a hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system with a selection of driving technologies such as steer-and brake-by-wire controls, wheel hub motors, lithium-ion batteries and a lightweight aluminium structure.

Sequel has a range of 300 miles between fill-ups and reaches 60mph (96kmph) in 10 seconds. It has a low-profile, skateboard-like chassis that houses all of its main propulsion, braking and chassis components.

GM says the Sequel has optimised control for snow and ice, or uneven terrain. It boasts 70 per cent more torque for acceleration and has shorter braking distances. It also features the ability to “talk” to other vehicles about traffic congestion or road conditions.