Greener motorbike lubricants

The Retail Motor Industry’s Motorcycle Retailers Association (MRA) is encouraging the use of synthetic lubricant in two-stroke motorcycles to help reduce engine emissions.

According to the MRA the use of synthetic lubricant could reduce the emissions of two-stroke bike engines by 50 per cent.

Mike Owen, head of the MRA, said: ‘Many of the smaller bikes preferred by urban commuters have two-stroke engines. At present these can travel into the London congestion zone without incurring the charge, but the movement towards an emissions-based congestion charge could mean that smaller bikes also have to pay to get into the congestion zone. This could greatly reduce the popularity of bikes as a viable commuter option.

‘If riders were encouraged to take up synthetic lubricant, it could help to keep these bikes outside of the charge.’

The RMA’s announcement demonstrates support for the Motorcycle Community in Europe’s (MCC) campaign to promote the use of synthetic lubricant. The campaign also aims to safeguard the mobility of two-stroke engine users in congested city centres.