Guidebook makes developing CC-Link products simple

For companies looking to develop products compatible with the CC-Link and CC-Link/LT open field networks, CLPA has produced a new 36-page product development guidebook. The guidebook draws a clear and logical path through product development, showing device vendors how they can get from the earliest stages of design to shipment of high quality, CC-Link compliant products in the shortest possible timescales.

CLPA supports device manufacturers with development methods tailored to both CC-Link and CC-Link/LT compatible product types. The guidebook provides a clear overview on how to develop master stations, remote device stations, remote I/O stations and more, with full technical information and details of CC-Link support across the globe.

CC-Link is far and away the market leading industrial networking protocol in Japan and Asia, and sales of CC-Link products are increasing dramatically in Europe. With SEMI certification, Chinese national standard GB certification, international standard ISO 15745 certification, and most recently international standard IEC 61158 certification, CC-Link and CC-Link/LT have firmly entered the spotlight. This is making CC-Link technology one of the best choices for OEMs and large end-users looking to standardise on a single fieldbus protocol for use worldwide. It therefore represents a significant opportunity for device developers.

About CLPA
CLPA is an international organisation with over 700 member companies. Their common goal is to further the development and dissemination of standardised CC-Link networks. CC-Link is the largest fieldbus protocol in the world, being dominant throughout the Asian economies and increasing popular in Europe and America.

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