Handle Door Safety with Mecmesin Test Kit

For safety, the kit enables functionality tests on all forms of access e.g. measuring the force to open un-powered doors or automatic gates, operate handles, emergency devices and maintain DDA compliance.

Mecmesin, a force & torque test solutions provider, has developed a kit suitable for testing the force associated with using doors, windows and other building hardware components to ensure they maintain regulatory compliance and high standards of safety.

All forms of access are susceptible to wear & tear. This poses a danger to users as these elements, if left unmonitored, can fail to operate causing injury and damage. Proper assessment can help to prevent such incidents from happening as potential hazards can be identified early and repairs and alterations rendered before it becomes critically essential.

Mecmesin manual handling kits provide users with the ability to quickly and easily test the functionality of all forms of access, for example, measuring the force required to open un-powered doors, automatic gates & barriers, operate handles, levers and emergency devices and maintain DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) and UK Building Regulations compliance.

The kit incorporates a force gauge and appropriate accessories providing users with the ideal basis with which to begin evaluating the quality and efficiency of current access hardware. Building surveyors are able to test access components ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilities managers and health & safety professionals can make on-the-spot checks to maintain a safe working environment for personnel and visitors.

Mecmesin, a member of the Doors Hardware Federation, created the manual handling kit to be an effective method for testing compliance against standards including; EN 12217 (Doors – Operating Forces), EN 12453 (Industrial, commercial and garage doors & gates – safety in use of power-operated doors) and EN 179 (Building Hardware – emergency exit devices operated by a lever handle or push-pad).

The flexibility of the kits design means users are not limited in the amount and type of access specifications they can evaluate and can be confident of obtaining consistent, accurate performance for precision quality control measurement every time they test.

Further information is available by downloading the ‘Test Solutions for Manual Handling’ brochure from the website www.mecmesin.com, and free demonstrations can be arranged by calling +44 (0) 1403 799979.

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