Handset reference

Analog Devices and Datang Mobile have developed a reference design for the development of 3G cellular handsets based on the TD-SCDMA standard.

TD-SCDMA, also known as TDD-LCR (Time-Division Duplex – Low Chip Rate), is one of the 3G standards approved by the International Telecommunication Union in the year 2000.

The new DTivy-A Series reference design provides manufacturers with a complete hardware and software solution for next-generation 3G TD-SCDMA products such as high-end camera phones, camcorder phones, multimedia phones, and video phones.

The reference design includes ADI’s SoftFone-LCR chipset including a digital baseband processor featuring its Blackfin Processor core, an analog baseband/audio/power-management IC, an Othello-W direct conversion radio, and Datang’s leading complementary technologies, which include its MeCo leading physical layer and higher layer protocol stack software, SICE power saving technology, ARENA development platform, and GARNET application software.