High-Speed CMOS Linear Image Sensor

Since 1993 Hamamatsu Photonics have offered a wide range of CMOS linear image sensors for use in analytical instruments such as spectrophotometers and industrial process monitoring equipment. A new range of CMOS linear image sensors has recently been developed, which offer very high-speed response whilst maintaining high resolution, and are available in two versatile packaging options; dual inline and surface mount types.

The new S11105 series has 512 pixels with a 12.5 µm pitch giving an aspect ratio of 20:1, thus allowing 20 times the light collection area compared to conventional linear CCDs. This provides the user with much greater sensitivity.

These CMOS arrays incorporate 512 individual photodiode elements with buffer amplifier, digital shift register (multi-plexor) and signal processing circuit (i.e. a correlated double sampling noise reduction circuit) all on the same “monolithic” silicon chip. The S11105 series has a high-speed readout of up to 50 MHz and an electronic shutter function to facilitate high speed imaging. Also both are provided with all the necessary clock generation functions on chip, making system design and implementation easier than ever!

The S11105 series are ideal for applications such as in-line product inspection, portable spectrometers, industrial process control, colour monitoring, medical diagnostics, distance measurement, optical encoders, blood analysers, optical scanners, water pollution analysers and many more.

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