Honda’s refuelling station

Honda has begun using the Home Energy Station IV to supply hydrogen to its fuel cell vehicles at the Honda Research and Development Americas facility in California.

The experimental station, which is also designed to provide heat and electricity to an average-size home, uses an existing supply of natural gas for the production of hydrogen.

According to Honda the station can reduce the CO2 emissions from electricity production by around 30 per cent and electricity costs by approximately 50 per cent, compared with an average US home using grid-supplied electricity and a petrol-powered car.

‘Honda is striving to address the need for a refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.’ said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda R&D Americas. ‘The Home Energy Station represents one promising solution to this issue, while offering the added benefit of heating and powering the home more efficiently.’

The station is the fourth experimental unit to be developed since 2003 when Honda began working with partner Plug Power. The new station is more compact, provides lower operating costs and higher efficiency than previous units.