Horners’ Award for Durakerb

A lightweight and environmentally friendly kerbstone system called Durakerb has been announced as the winner of the Horners’ Award for Plastics Design and Innovation 2008.

The Durakerb kerbstone, made by the Coleshill, Birmingham-based Durakerb Group, is made from a composite material that includes reprocessed polymers otherwise destined for landfill sites. A cellular and ribbed construction further lightens the product while maintaining a loading strength in excess of 25 tons.

Since it is manufactured at temperatures of up to 260C, it can also withstand the high temperatures experienced during the laying of bituminous materials. Its positional stability is ensured by way of a flange integrated into the bottom face of the kerbstone. In addition, the natural ingress of concrete up into the cellular chambers of the Durakerb during installation results in an extremely stable lay condition.

In a test conducted by the company, HGVs and fork lift trucks were driven at speed at the Durakerb to simulate worst-case impact conditions. Despite repeated impacts, it remained completely intact.

The Horners’ Award, run jointly by the Worshipful Company of Horners and the British Plastic Federation, is now in its 63rd year. The award is presented annually for imaginative or innovative contributions to the plastics industry.