Industry ‘first’ for Exertherm with lifetime calibration/warranty

With effect from 1st May 2007, QHi Group’s Exertherm continuous thermal monitoring system will be supplied with Lifetime Calibration and a Lifetime Warranty.

QHi has identified the reliability of the system as a key factor if it is to be entrusted to monitor mission-critical equipment, where failure could result in high downtime costs. The lifetime calibration and warranty will therefore be of particular interest to organisations such as data centres, continuous process or large-scale manufacturing.

Based on patented infrared sensors, these small, plastic bodied, low cost devices, can be placed INSIDE electrical enclosures. Requiring no external power source, they work just like a standard thermocouple, but are non-contact, enabling CONTINUOUS 24/7 thermal monitoring of mission-critical equipment.

Originally designed for electrical inspection, the Exertherm system can also be used to monitor mechanical equipment, using either non-contact IR sensors, or a specifically designed range of thermocouples. Just as electrical equipment increases in temperature as faults develop, mechanical equipment such as gearboxes, bearing, pumps, valves, compressors and motors will also normally see increase in temperature as a fault or malfunction develops

UL-listed for installation into electrical switchgear/UPS equipment, the system provides a variety of industry standard output protocols (default is Modbus), and can also provide Ethernet/wireless transmission to enable remote online monitoring. Its suitability for new installation or retrofitting to existing equipment with easy subsequent expansion has allowed Exertherm to be successfully installed in numerous multinational blue-chip organisations.

No compromise and no operator intervention means that Exertherm offers a consistent and reliable means to detect potential problems BEFORE failure, allowing users to avoid the likely and potentially high downtime costs, and now, with its lifetime Warranty, the Exerthem solution is unbeatable.

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