Injector investment

Glide Pharma, the Oxford-based specialty pharmaceuticals company, has announced an additional £2.2m investment in its Glide Solid Dose Injector (SDI).

Oxford Technology VCTs and a number of existing investors will join new backers in funding the project. The Glide SDI is currently undergoing feasibility testing with five partners, three of which have come on board this year.

The Glide SDI is a less invasive method of injection that pushes a solid dose of treatment in the form of a pointed rod through the surface of the skin. This new form of injection can prove beneficial for patients and carers by improving stability and avoiding time-consuming reconstitution steps.

Dr Charles Potter, chief executive officer at Glide Pharma, said: ‘This funding reflects the major progress we have made in positioning the Glide SDI system as a mainstream alternative for the injection of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. Our strategy has always been to seek funding from a position of strength and on a stage-by-stage basis.

‘With five external funded studies underway in addition to our internal drug development programmes for octreotide and fentanyl, we feel confident in moving forward. Preliminary data from these studies, together with a vaccine feasibility study with the UK’s National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC), is already extremely encouraging.’