Investment in Innovation

BAE Systems announced today that it is inviting SMEs in the intelligence and security sector to come forward with innovative technologies as part of its Investment in Innovation programme.

The initiative will see BAE Systems provide support to SMEs that are developing new security technologies in areas including, but not restricted to, cyber-security, biometrics and intelligent surveillance systems.

‘We aren’t looking to take a stake in these companies,’ said David Mullin, manager of the Investment in Innovation programme at BAE Systems.

‘Instead, we are working with them to develop their technology for the benefit of both parties, which is an attractive proposition to many small firms.’

In addition to potential financial investment, BAE Systems offers engineering and technology resources, plus the use of its test and evaluation facilities, advice on intellectual property, business coaching services and the placement of its employees within partner organisations to accelerate the development of technology.

BAE Systems has already invested in and partnered with a number of SMEs and universities under the Investment in Innovation programme, including Surrey-based face-recognition specialist OmniPerception.

Under the programme, BAE Systems has provided in excess of £1m of funding, as well as project management and engineering support, to help develop new technology to improve security at airports and railway stations.

Further information on BAE Systems’ Investment in Innovation programme can be found here.