Jumbo results for Airbus

Airbus has released its results for 2007 revealing 1,341 net orders worth $157.1bn and the largest ever backlog of orders in the aviation industry.

The backlog, which at the end of 2007 reached 3,421 aircraft, represents about six years of production. New orders from the period included 913 A320s, 405 A330/340/350s and 23 A380s.

During 2007 Airbus delivered 453 aircraft, including 367 A320s and the first A380. In 2008 deliveries are expected to be above 470.

Airbus also revealed its Power 8 restructuring plan exceeded its 2007 targets and led to cost savings of more than €300m. Overhead-positions were reduced by 30 per cent from a target of 10,000 positions up to 2010. In addition, Airbus has identified preferred bidders and partners for six site-developments in France, Germany and the UK.

‘2007 was a challenging but also successful year for Airbus,’ said president and chief executive officer, Tom Enders. ‘We were successful in the market and mastered the industrial challenges of the production ramp up, the timely delivery of the first A380, and the implementation of the Airbus Power 8 turn-around programme. 2008 will be as challenging on all fronts. But I am sure that, with the dedication of our people and all involved, we shall master them. On the commercial side, I anticipate that our order intake will be above our deliveries.’