Keypad covers help beat MRSA

Fascia Graphics has released findings that indicate that anti-infection keypad overlays could be helping to reduce the level of MRSA infections

Fascia Graphics has released findings which indicate that anti-infection keypad overlays could be helping in the fight against MRSA infections.

Fascia Graphics claimed its products, such as ‘superbug proof’ graphic overlays and membrane keypads could have contributed to the recent reported decline in MRSA cases in hospitals.

The Chippenham-based company has been working with coating technology company MacDermid Autotype to supply graphic overlays and membrane keypads that inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, mould and mildew to medical device manufacturers.

Paul Bennett, Fascia Graphics’ managing director, said: ‘Although it is early days, it is clear that all of the new superbug proof products on the market and NHS prevention measures are starting to have a positive effect on reducing harmful bacteria in hosptials. Recent Fascia Graphics research conducted across medical device manufacturers also indicates that there is a vast potential market for superbug proof products such as membrane keypads and graphic overlays.’

Fascia Graphics’ research found that while 88 per cent of medical equipment manufacturers feel that awareness is low to superbug proof graphic overlays and membrane keypads, all of them see it as the biggest development in the sector in the last 10 years. Nearly two thirds of those surveyed expect this product to be used across the entire industry as awareness is raised.