Last week’s poll: Industry 4.0

With our next issue set to include a write-up of a recent roundtable discussion on Industry 4.0, we asked which statement best reflects your thoughts on the concept, which is sometimes referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things.

Some analysts believe Industry 4.0 will attract annual investments of up to €140bn (£100bn) per annum to 2020 but nearly half (47%) of respondents hadn’t even heard of it.

Just over a quarter (28%) have heard the term but don’t really know what it is, and 13% considered themselves knowledgeable about Industry 4.0 and that it could be relevant across much of UK manufacturing.

A lowly 3% consider themselves well-informed about Industry 4.0 but thought that it would find relevance in niche areas of UK manufacturing and 9% didn’t agree with any of the options presented to them.

Not one of our 344 respondents agreed with the statement “I consider myself well-informed about Industry 4.0 but don’t think it will be relevant to UK manufacturing”.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below.