Last week’s poll: ‘Keep it in the ground’

The Guardian Newspaper is running a campaign to persuade organisations such as charities and universities to divest their holdings in petrochemical companies, with the slogan ‘Keep it in the ground’. Which option is closest to your feelings on such campaigns and the slogan?


The Guardian’s ‘Keep it in the Ground’ Campaign received a highly equivocal response from the 621respondents to our poll. The largest single group, 33 per cent, said that ’eep it in the Ground’ was a good goal, but 50 per cent went for negative options, with 26 per cent saying the slogal was potentially harmful and 24 per cent saying that no organisation that would not exist without the financial contribution of petrochemical investments should feel that it ought to divest. Only 5 per cent gave the Guardian campaign an unconditional thumbs-up, and just 2 per cent thouiught that charitiesshould not invest in hydrocarbons.

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