Last Week’s Poll: Manifesto for Manufacturing

A cross-party group of MPs has issued a manifesto for manufacturing. Which of the themes it addresses are most important for the sector?


A wide spread of opinion was apparent among the 320 respondents to last week’s poll. The largest group of respondents, 25 per cent, said that supporting manufacturing SMEs was the most important priority for a manufacturing manifesto for the next government. Just 21 per cent fewer thought that addresseing skills provision and gender balanceshould be the priority, while 21 per cent thought that long-term financing of businesses was the most important. Promoting innovation was the most importnt option for 15 per cent, while 11 per cent prioritised international links and export promotion. Stabilising energy markets was the favoured optioon for just 4 per cent.

Pleadse continue to send us your opionions on this subject and the result of the poll.