Last week’s poll: Searching for ET

Which of the following statements most closely reflects your views on the news that $100m is being spent on mankind’s biggest ever search extra-terrestrial intelligent life?

Last week we reported on how an international scientific prize has committed $100m to the biggest search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, which prompted us to seek your thoughts on the matter.

From the 790 votes cast, 53 per cent agreed that we should keep quiet and keep our heads down as we don’t know who or what is out there.

Of the remaining vote, 18 per cent agreed that these kinds of projects could positively engage people with science, whilst 16 per cent sided with the view that the effort is frivolous and that the money could be better spent on Earthly pursuits.

A lowly 8 per cent agreed that contact with alien civilisations could help advance technology ‘in hitherto undreamt of ways’, and the remaining 5 per cent didn’t agree with any of the options presented to them.

What do you think? Let us know below.

In search of ET

What do you think? Let us know below.