Latest IEMCA Barfeeders Available from Kitagawa Europe

Three updated IEMCA short bar feeders from leading workholding and manufacturing equipment specialist, Kitagawa Europe Ltd provide users with a wide range of reliability and productivity benefits.

The Boss 21 compact feeder handles bar diameters of 5-51mm with a maximum length of 2080mm, making it ideal for use in restricted spaces or applications where lathe spindle length is limited. This capacity also eliminates the need to section long bars into several pieces and minimises the amount of unusable remnants left over, reducing waste.

With a minimum magazine capacity of 400mm, the barfeeder can be used with both fixed and sliding headstock lathes, irrespective of the length of the spindle.

The IEMCA Master 21, the only 2 metre bar feeder in its class with the ability to retract remnants, can feed at 150 mm/second without the need to adapt bar length to the length of the lathe spindle – again, greatly reducing the number of wasted remnants.

With a capacity of 360 kg, the Master 21 solves many of the problems associated with short bar feeders, while offering all the productivity benefits of long bar versions.

It provides a bar change time of just 30 seconds and features lubricated guides designed to withstand the harsh working conditions encountered in high volume bar machining shops. Available with two standard couplings, including the new ‘snap-in’ system for rapid guide replacement, the new feeder is guaranteed fully interchangeable with existing guides.

The magazine automatically accommodates bars of 50 mm diameter and above, without adjustment. In addition, the Master 21 features a novel bar clamping device for centring/insertion and remnant retraction, which requires no setting in service – further speeding production.

The IEMCA VIP 80 E-II short bar loader offers flexibility, reliability and precision. When specifying the bar diameter (5-80mm) on the unit’s hand-held operator panel, both magazine and guide channel automatically align the centre of the bar to the machine’s spindle.

The screw-type feed system provides smooth and accurate positioning at
0-500 mm/second, while bar drop control devices optimise the functioning of the loader by positioning the bar precisely in the guide channel. A brushless motor allows feed, speed and stroke to be adjusted to the precise value for each phase in the cycle.

When the unit is operating in sub-spindle mode, advanced software eliminates the need for repeated checking of the remaining raw material, enabling the lathe to transfer at maximum speed without movement of the barfeed pusher.  Further time savings are achieved through a bar pre-load feature, which is automatically activated as the final part is machined from the existing bar. 

The unit’s 250 kg capacity magazine houses three bar pushers, while automatic selection means that no additional fine-tuning is required, so changeover is quicker and easier. Options include a magazine capable of storing five spindle reducers and a sliding loader that is adjustable lengthwise to ensure easy access for maintenance.

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