Learn Maya on YouTube

A lecturer from Hull University is using the YouTube site to deliver tutorials on Autodesk’s Maya 8.5 to his students.

Rob Consoli, a lecturer in digital design from Hull University, is using the YouTube site to deliver tutorials on Autodesk’s Maya 8.5, having realised that his students preferred to learn design software packages outside the classroom.

Autodesk’s Maya software is aimed at individuals who wish to create 3D modelling, animation, effects, and rendering.

‘Industry experience has taught me that a well-rounded, ‘thinking’ designer is more employable than one with specialised training in any particular software package. Teaching software on YouTube frees up more class time for design history and theory,’ Consoli said.

When he first went live on YouTube, Consoli had no idea that his sessions would attract the attention of thousands of students from around the globe. The presentations were watched by over 20,000 people in the first ten weeks and the Hull University lecturer’s site continues to receive 2,000 visits every week.

After watching the tutorials, viewers have the opportunity to post their work on the site and receive feedback from the tutor and their contemporaries.

The YouTube videos have been produced in an innovative format, much like a weather forecast is presented on television, using the software interface as the backdrop while Rob Consoli lectures in the foreground. The format was chosen in order to emulate the classroom experience, to help the students learn as if he was actually there.

The videos were sponsored by Hull University’s internal ‘Innovations in Student Learning Fund’, and were the result of collaboration between lecturers, technicians and students.

If you’d like to see them, they can be found at: