Less able with cable

Are SCART connectors too hard for engineers to handle?

Am I the only person who has difficulties with SCART connectors?

Earlier versions that I encountered had only a few conductors in the cable attached to the connector, so everything seemed to work reasonably well. Now that I have the television, the VCR, the DVD player and the terrestrial digital box all connected by SCARTS with thick cables, they are nothing short of a disaster!

The connectors have no provision to retain them in the back of the unit — so, because the cables are so stiff, it is difficult to ensure that the connector stays in place.

A light dusting of the units, and their associated movement, often results in a disconnected SCART.

Even the connectors on my computer have retaining clips or screws. I am surprised that these connectors seem to have become the accepted international standard for the connection of home entertainment systems, when they seem so deficient in concept.

Dave Draper Oakley Bedfordshire