Lockheed enhances flight planning

Milwaukee-based Midwest Airlines has awarded a contract to Lockheed Martin and Vienna-based Flugwerkzeuge Aviation Software to supply advanced flight planning technology designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Flugwerkzeuge has developed a flight planning system, mfs:2, and operations user system (OPUS) for the management of notices to airmen (NOTAMS), which will be integrated into the airline operations control centre. Lockheed Martin’s role in the project is programme management lead and systems integrator.

According to Flugwerkzeuge, the systems will enable the airline to design optimal flight paths by incorporating weather, NOTAMs and navigation data. The mfs:2 considers variable such as upper air temperatures, wind speed, aircraft performance, airways and airspace restrictions and cost constraints.

Flugwerkzeuge is said to be the leading company in the area of cost saving, optimising system solutions and data service provision.