New London Transport Museum exhibit targets tomorrow’s engineers

A new exhibition at the London Transport Museum offers young people the chance to get “hands-on” with transport engineering as well as appear on the cover of The Engineer Magazine.

London Transport Museum

The importance of inspiring and engaging the next generation of engineers is a regular topic for The Engineer, and we like to hope that our coverage of the issue helps in some small way to drive debate on how industry, in particular, can do a better job of persuading young people that engineering’s for them.

Which is why we’re really excited to be involved in a new exhibit at the London Transport Museum aimed at achieving precisely that.

Opening on Friday 19th October, the museum’s new Future Engineers gallery features a series of hands-on interactive exhibits aimed at helping young people explore the world of transport engineering and understand the sheer range of different jobs that an engineer might do in the future.


Visitors will be able to experience ‘driving’ or operating a modern train inspired by one of the Bombardier Aventra trains that will be operating on London’s new Elizabeth line (aka Crossrail), whilst the Fix That Train challenge will give a taste of how technology helps with train maintenance and safety. Another exhibit Go With The Flow will explore how ticketing has evolved and show how, in a future world, commuters might become their own biometric tickets.

Visitors will also be able to explore some of the future challenges around urban-planning via the Shape Your City exhibit, a table-top game which will see them race against the clock to create a healthy and well-connected sustainable city.

London Transport Museum

FInally, young people will also be able to see what type of engineer they might become, by working out what personality type they are and selecting a suitable future job – before taking the ultimate selfie with a photograph of themselves in their new engineering role on a digital cover of The Engineer magazine.

Commenting on the new exhibition Sam Mullins, director of London Transport Museum, said: “From fixing a train in our ‘fixer’ challenge to having your palm scanned by the latest ticketing technology, our new Future Engineers gallery is great fun and challenges our visitors’ perceptions of engineering. The future London will be shaped by engineers; our new gallery asks how much of a dreamer, planner or fixer you are, creating a fresh view of the skills and mindsets needed to make a career as an engineer.”

London Transport Museum’s Future Engineers gallery opens on Friday 19th October. The Museum is situated in the heart of Covent Garden. Kids get in for free, adult tickets are £16.00 (concessions £13.50).