Making a deal in China

Ricardo has struck a deal with Sinotruk to assist the company with the design and development of new products.

UK-based Ricardo has struck a deal with China’s biggest heavy-duty truck manufacturer Sinotruk to assist the company with the design and development of new products.

The agreement signed between the two companies coincided with the launch of the company’s HAEP WD615 engine which had been upgraded as a result of previous work between the two companies. The re-engineered engine not only meets the Euro 3 emissions certification now required in China, but has also been up-rated by 11 per cent to 400hp.

Founded in 1956, Sinotruk was China’s first as well its now largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer. The company’s core products include tractors, tippers, cargo trucks and other customised trucks such as concrete mixers, cranes and garbage trucks. In addition to vehicles, Sinotruk also manufactures many of its own components including diesel engines. The company markets its products in more than 50 countries worldwide and over the past five years has enjoyed sales growth of over 60 per cent.

‘The successful completion of the WD615 engine programme with Ricardo has resulted in a significant improvement in performance as well as a reduction in emissions. We look forward to working with Ricardo as a strategic technology and engineering partner for product development as we develop our business both in China and overseas,’ said Mr. Ma Chunji, Chairman of the Board of Sinotruk.

Ealier this month, Ricardo announced that, due to an unprecedented increase in demand for its performance transmission products, it had invested £0.5m to enhance the precision gear grinding capability at its UK Midlands Technical Centre.

To that end, it has invested in a new Höfler Promat 400kk gear grinding centre to enable the manufacture of more advanced designs of transmisisons, enabling gears and splines with restrictive access to be produced. The system will also enable gears to be cut from blanks where no tooling is available.

The new Höfler unit will compliment Ricardo’s existing grinding facilities which include an Oerlikon Opel 80 and a Reishauer 362.