Loctite 3038 from Henkel is a new two-component toughened structural acrylic adhesive that has been formulated to join difficult-to-bond substrates both to themselves and to other materials, including those with different coefficients of thermal expansion.  That means it provides good adhesion on e-coated steel as well as on low energy plastics like glass-filled PP, PBT and PE. 

The new adhesive is available in either dual cartridge packs, or in larger containers for high volume use.  In both cases a bi-mixer nozzle can be used to ensure correct mixing ratios of the product and to make application both simple and quick.

‘This innovative adhesive allows designers more design-freedom when it comes to substrates that are traditionally difficult to bond,’ explains Colin Chapman, Marketing Manager for Henkel.  ‘It also means that costly pre-treatment processes, such as primers, flame, plasma or corona can be eliminated.’

The formulation of solvent-free Loctite 3038 minimises the migration of liquid product after application on vertical surfaces.   It can be used for gap filling up to 2mm and provides a high strength, impact resistant bond, which withstands most chemical and environmental conditions.  Alongside manual application, the adhesive can be used in automated units for high volume production.

Loctite 3038 can be used for a variety of applications in both the automotive and general industrial areas. Typical uses include the bonding of hybrid metal-plastic assemblies such as automotive front-end modules, covers and housings.

PICTURE:  Loctite 3038 is a new two-component toughened structural acrylic adhesive for joining difficult-to-bond.

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