MasterMover Goes Green with Bentley Motors

The MasterTug MT3 from MasterMover, already a known quantity at Bentley for manoeuvring vehicle bodies, was identified as the best tool for the job. The machine’s compact size and manoeuvrability were particularly appealing to Taylor, since space was at a premium in the cutting area of the production floor. 

The MT3 can push, pull and steer wheeled and semi-wheeled loads up to 2,400kg in weight. The machine’s patented technology moves the weight of the load on to the drive wheel through a coupling system, thereby ensuring maximum traction from a very light and manoeuvrable machine. Very simple to operate and with a range of integrated safety features, the machine is ideal for use in busy manufacturing environments where space is at a premium.

Hugh Freer, Sales & Marketing Manager at MasterMover is delighted to be working with Bentley again: “MasterMover is proud to be a British manufacturer ourselves and to supply one of the icons of the British automotive sector is always a rewarding experience. I’m particularly pleased that as well as enabling production efficiencies, our equipment is also playing a part in Bentleys carbon reduction programme.”

For more information on the MasterTug MT3 or to arrange a free product demonstration, please telephone the sales department on 01335 347 700 or email  

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