Mobile phone alarm is a scream

A new service from mobile device management company Synchronica makes a mobile phone scream when stolen and renders it useless to thieves.

According to the Metropolitan Police figures, 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month. Synchronica’s mobile phone management software, Mobile Manager, can remotely lock and wipe data from mobile phones as soon as their owners report the loss. If the phone has been stolen, companies can also turn on the Synchronica Scream Feature, causing an annoying and embarrassing high-pitched wail to be emitted from the stolen device.

‘According to industry sources, it takes on average only 30 seconds for someone to notice that their phone is missing, compared to an hour for a wallet or purse’, said Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Synchronica. ‘Using our service, crime victims can be reassured that their information is immediately removed from the stolen phone, along with the satisfaction of annoying the thief with a screaming handset.’

Synchronica develops and markets synchronisation and device management solutions for mobile operators, device manufacturers, and enterprises. Its Mobile Manager software is a web-based application that provides total over-the-air (OTA) control of corporate phones and unlocks the business benefits of these devices.