Moog introduces advanced motion control and servo drive package to meet the needs of challenging
multi-axis applications

Addressing the needs of machine builders for ease of set-up, increased performance and greater precision in demanding multi-axis motion applications, Moog has introduced the MSD motion control servodrive. The modular package combines individual MSD servo drives with an MSD motion controller to deliver highly precise, highly dynamic control of up to 30 axes.


At the heart of the modular package is the freely-programmable motion controller that delivers speed and position control for up to 30 axes. Fast response is guaranteed by the use of high speed EtherCAT communications between motion controller and servo drives, enabling machine builders to implement advanced high performance motion control solutions that can deliver significant reductions in cycle times and so boost machine performance.


Designed to provide a flexible and precise solution for the most demanding of motion control applications, the MSD supports IEC61131 programming, as well as programming of custom control loops using MathWorks/C/C++. It also provides a simple user interface for parameter input and data programming.

For communication with remote I/O, PLCs and other control components, the MSD supports a range of different communications protocols as standard – including SERCOS, EtherCAT, CANopen and Profibus – as well as providing support for customer-specific protocols.


The MSD series is designed for use with the widest range of servomotors, including synchronous, asynchronous, linear and high-torque motors. The frequency of the pulse with modulation is programmable, allowing the MSD servo drives to be optimised for different motors under different operating conditions, increasing both performance and efficiency. For precise position control, the MSD can take inputs from up to three position feedback sensors simultaneously, with support for both single and multi-turn encoders.

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