NASA support contracts for Boeing

NASA has awarded a contract to Boeing for engineering and technical support of several specialised research aircraft at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Centre.

The sole-source, indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract could be worth up to $28m over its five-year performance period extending from April 2007 through April 2012.

Boeing will provide engineering and technical support for four heavily modified high-performance aircraft, two F-15s and two F/A-18s. The four aircraft have been modified with research instrumentation and other capabilities to conduct a variety of flight research missions in support of NASA research programs and for other government agencies and private industry.

Technical assistance under the pact includes providing design support for unique Boeing aircraft systems, assisting in ground support operations, and reviewing additional planned aircraft modifications. The contractor may be required to modify control systems hardware and software, perform actual modifications and fabricate experimental hardware for these aircraft, along with performing specific research studies using Boeing-developed models and simulators. In addition, the contract calls for Boeing to provide similar support as needed for other Boeing-built aircraft that NASA may acquire during the contract period.

Individual task orders will specify the work to be performed in the general areas of design engineering and technology, manufacturing services, flight test engineering, product support and other technical services.